An innovation driven firm focused on the development and commercialization of advanced combustion engine technologies.

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Enabling technology scalable and adaptable to a broad range of applications

Over 125 years of development has been applied to poppet valve engines with little room remaining to improve power density and efficiencies…” 

Darrick Vaseleniuck, VAZTEC 


Vaztec is a core team of developers with an extended network of industry experts


Our mission is to provide enabling technologies advancing the life span of IC engines

Our team has designed, built, and tested rotary valve cylinder heads on multiple engine platforms,  replacing conventional poppet valve systems


Our end goal is to license our technologies to product manufacturers enabling accelerated development and commercialization of differentiated products

Included in our portfolio is patented ECOREV® valvetrain technology for internal combustion engines as an alternative to conventional valvetrains. ECOREV®-enabled engines are tunable to match the performance needs of the targeted application while reducing vibration and noise.


Superior Gas Exchange

  • Improved volumetric efficiency
  • Improved filling and trapping
  • Increased combustion turbulence
  • Improved exhaust flow

Patented technology with over 6 years of development on 10 working prototypes (28cc to 5.3L)